about krista

Krista Carlson grew up in Connecticut and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography in 1996. Following graduation, she worked as an assistant to several commercial photographers, and as a graphic designer. She soon realized that she didn't enjoy being confined to a studio, and that she preferred to photograph life unfolding.

It wasn't until some of Krista's friends and family members started asking her to photograph their weddings that a love of wedding photography was born. Being allowed the freedom to photograph a wedding as she saw it happening, and bringing her own unique vision to the event was a wonderful experience. Krista soon discovered that many couples share her aversion to the overly posed and, frankly, "cheesy" wedding photos that had been prevalent for years. Her clients were looking for authentic depictions of their wedding experience. This allowed Krista to express herself, to share her vision with others and to be a part of family history-making in a way that no other career path could provide.

Krista continues to educate herself while staying abreast of the ever-changing technology that is redefining photography. "It is such an exciting and revolutionary time to be a photographer," says Krista. "Such profound changes have not taken place in this medium since its advent, and I couldn't be more thrilled!"

Artistic documentation would best describe Krista's wedding and portrait work.


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